Nitedawg's links for VB stuff:

Example programs, all written with Visual Basic. I hope they can be of some example to you although I do not promote the education of VB for the purpose of malicious or destructive acts!!
Download with care!!

I haven't downloaded everything you could get with these links so run scans for VIRII, TROJANS, and PWS.

I have no idea if there are any infected programs on the links herein. I havn't downloaded very many programs from these locations. I thought that these pages looked the best or had the best programs I've seen so, heed the warning. I havn't found anything infected yet.

Attention to all:

here are a couple of things you will need, to download stuff from these locations!!!!
Visit to download the trial version of Winzip 7.0.
WinZip Now
Now that' you've done that.
Try looking for my hidden link.
It might not even be on this page

Please make my life Hell and report any broken links!!!!

-= Griffons Prog Page =-
Game Punters Galore
Phostbyte proggies
MC Lee's crib
Wirm's top 50 Links

Excalibur's Site is awesome. I have really never seen a site that must have taken such a serious investment of time and education.
However as my site is nothing with out my visitors, I know you guys have to depend on my honesty to help keep eveyone's CPU's safe.
There is a program on Excalibur's Site called Rapier Bronz. My virus scan is detecting a virus called WinCIH in it. Excalibur has invested a lot of time and work into his page and program, so It's probably just one of those things and not a virus.
BUT! I'd never forgive myself if someone got their system damaged because I didn't say something. I wouldn't want to Infect my system with any buggz either.
Download with care and Thanx for visiting my site, the Dawg.

The Best and most complete aol prog and punter site. Also help for beginner's.