Enjoy this poem written by "Doctor Dirty", the funniest comedian in the world!
This is,
"The Battle of Big Ass Little and Yukon Pete"

Grab your glass and get your seat, and I will tell ya the story of Big Ass Little and Yukon Pete. Little was the village queen, the fuckin’est whore you’d ever seen. While some girls fuck with grace and ease Little blew dick like the summer breeze, but when she fucked, she fucked for keeps, and she piled her victims up in heeps. Now there was a rumor around that town, that no man could put Littles ass down, but way up high where twin rivers meet lived a one balled half-breed named Yukon Pete. Pete was a dirty, motherless soul, that fucked bears, sheep, and woodchuck holes when Pete got one whiff of Little he packed his rubbers and came down the hill. He strolled into town on size thirty-two feet, dragging sixteen yards of that red-hot meat. The scene was set at Windy Mills by the brick shit house high on the hill, and all the people came for a ringside seat just to watch that half-breed sink his meat. Well they fucked, and they fucked, and they fucked for hours, uprooting trees, shrubs, and flowers. Little did front flips, back flips, stunts, all unknown to most common cunts, but Pete caught on to every trick! He kept on pumping in more dick! Till Little gave Pete a whore house squeeze that dropped that half breed to his knees, but Pete came back with a Yukon grunt that popped out her eyes and split her cunt! Little rolled over cut two farts and sighed, “boys I’ve been fucked” cut one more and died.When they asked that half-breed of his amazing feat, he just said, ”boys, I’m going back to the Yukon, and beat my meat!!!!”.