The Clinton Page
This is your president
Download this wav to listen to while you look at the pic
at the top of the screen. This is I'm sorry to say,
A seriously long wav. 1.4MB to be exact.
Clinton speach
Here are some more Clinton wavs
Clintongay/ Clinton admitting his homosexuality!
billcbeg4$$/ Clinton begging to strike a deal with you for your cash. LOL
PB-ML/ Clinton mentioning his work with Monica Lewinski. (The same as the background sound)

Bill, Ross Perot?
I thought you had more
taste than that.

Clinton and Lewinski Links
Caution, some of these sites contain links to pornography!!
1: Clinton Jokes
2: Pictures and other things Clinton don't want you do see
3: Link to a funny song to sing about clinton
4: Clinton/Lewinski site. Lots of links to other Clinton related sites.