U Found It
On, 04/18/99
Thank you for comming. I hope you enjoy the new and updated links.
Everything here is working even if the owner of the site is currently
under construction, it's at least up and will be working.
Thank you for your feedback and for taking the time to locate the
hidden link. I hope you get some use of the things I hope to be
adding to the link. Unfortunately I have been busy with my real job
as well as being a father to keep up real good updates. I will try to
update more often and the more feedback I get, the more will I have
to do the work. Please sign the guestbook if you wish, however if you
give the hidden link's location away in the guestbook I will simply
remove your signature as I have the ability. Thanx again and cum back often.

This is a page of links to all the porn you could imagine.
Almost all the hacking shit you could need.
Crackerz, Warez, and other shit you have no buisness having access to.

I am not responsible for anything you do or access here. Just remember that by continuing on with your journey you are breaking the law and I do not promote it.
From this point your on your own......

By the way, Please visit my site. I don't expect you to join, but I
have a quality site and would hope you would give it a chance.

Also, have this free MOVIE on me!!

The porn


Adult Photoes
And now for the ultimate FREAK in you.
The Torture Network
Enter this one with caution,
a strong stomach and a serious fetich!!

The Hack links

The best of all worlds. www.t50.com
This site has Cracks/Warez/porn/hacking and so much more...
The crackerz (more to come)

WinZipcracker: works every time