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Change was:
I have come back, I updated the dawglinks page slightly.
I plan to come back soon to do some renovation. But first of all I need to tell you about somthing I am just starting.
I saw a news interview with some guy on MSNBC about a guy who gets paid to surf the net. I was shocked to see that in one months time he brought in over seven hundred dollars.
So here is the deal, GOTO and sign up but promise to hook me up alittle buy giving them this code when they ask for it.
IKJ-311 this would mean so very much to me.
See you all later, the Dawg
Comming Soon:
I am back and it looks like the updates are soon to follow. keep an eye out. the dawgslinks page is the first thing going to get a renovation.
If you go HERE and download NetZero you can access the internet for FREE!!
Then if your an AOL user: Goto AOL keyword BILLING and change to BYOA (bring your own access) billing and get AOL for $9.95 per/month. Now, tell me that isn't some usfull information. Remember you got it here and PLEASE sign the guest book.

E-mail me with any questions or comments.
This site is always under construction, come back often!

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Stop in here to meet me and some of my family.

Check out my Clinton page, everyone needs to fun on Bill a little bit.

The following link was put here to satisfy a great curiosity and interest in Visual Basic Programming. There are links here associated with programs that violate AOL's TOS. This link is put here for no such purpose. AOL has blocked punters from working on AOL and therefore there is no reason to download anything from these locations for such purpose. Please use these programs in a responsible manner.

Check out this naughty little poem!!

The WAV page.

The following links have been of
great use to me. Check them out.

The Free Site!

I have downloaded Wavman, Buddyplus, and T-32 from TPA software and have registered all of them. I couldn't live without them now. They are the only way to make AOL tolarable.(lol) Great programs

If you have a WebSite or page of your own
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be happy to add it on The Link Exchange.
Just copy the code below. Then go paste it
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forget to mail me your code!!

My banner should look like this.
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